Improving the Egyptian Environment and People’s Lives One Piece of Trash at a Time


 By Talar Terzian and Lee-Ann Laffey

Hassan Alqahtani, a young Egyptian social entrepreneur, is turning trash into cash for Egypt’s poorest communities.  In response to an overwhelming trash and pollution problem in Egypt’s low level socio-economic communities, Alqahtani established Eco Egypt.  While a student in Biotechnology at MISR University for Science and Technology, Alqahtani had the opportunity to attend training in climate change practices with an international program in Kiev.  While in the Ukraine, he learned a great deal about environmental waste, climate change, and water contamination.  Realizing that a few simple changes to the ways people dispose of waste could make a huge difference in the quality of the living conditions in the slums, Alqahtani wanted to not only dispose of the waste by recycling it, but also create an educational program to help people learn how to better themselves.

Eco Egypt is a social enterprise that works, not only to improve the physical environment of Cairo’s slums, but also to instruct those residing there on how to make money through recycling.  Eco Egypt offers ongoing workshops that instruct residents on how to turn old plastic bottles into planters and bird feeders and then, in turn, helps purchase the recycling projects through the support of their sponsors like the British Council.  In addition to providing support for recycling projects, Eco Egypt provides instruction on the benefits of these actions in the form of climate change lectures and calls to action.

If you would like to get involved or learn more about Eco Egypt please visit them at their office at:

411 Greek Campus, Tahrir, Egypt.

Contact them via Email: or Phone:  +201007656005



Written by Lwazi

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