Young Egyptian Graphic Designer, Abdelrahman Mahmoud Gives Back with Designs for Social Enterprises from Around the World


Africa is a curious place where social enterprises are flourishing and in which talent is abundant when it comes to the graphic arts.  A major part of this movement is Abdelrahman Mahmoud is a 21 year old graphic artist who has been designing logos, posters and flyers for global companies and social enterprises for 3 years now.  Abdelrahman got his start in the graphics world when he was mentored by designer Mahmoud Moharm who introduced him to the powers of Adobe Photoshop when he was 16 years old.

What makes this young man special is that he volunteers his time to help promote social enterprises through his innovative logo creations.  Mahmoud gives hours of his time either free of charge or at greatly reduced rates to may sure that he can convey in graphics what the social enterprise represents which in turn helps them to grow and gain recognition both from the people they are trying to serve, as well as potential investor or donors.  He offers up his portfolio on under the professional name:  Abdo Mahmood at

Abdelrahman has designed logos for international social enterprise based products like the Go-DECK combining natural aspects with a technical flair to bring these products to the New York market.  He has designed icons and posters including:  Go-DECK, AMAL Handmade, and Teens Club in Egypt.



As a young graphic designer Abdelrahman brings a fresh take on every design concept he touches, helping it to blossom into a fully functional logo. Abdelrahman has recently launched himself as a freelancer specializing in logo and poster design, with a special passion for helping social enterprises to grow.  To learn more about Abdelrahman’s amazing graphic creations you can check him out on Behance at ,on his Facebook page at @3bdo.ma7mood.96, contact him on WhatsApp at 01062540574, or email him at:













Written by Lwazi

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