Spin Cycle: A Low-Tech Mobile Washing Machine Bringing High Tech Results to Rural Africa

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Across the ocean in Gainesville, Florida in the United States of America lives fifteen years old high school student/engineer, Talar Terzian, who is changing the face of laundry in the poorest of African villages.


Over the course of the past 5 years Talar has been researching and developing laundry devices that assist people of limited means and who live with limited access to electricity and water supplies.

From the sink plunger based hand agitators that are portable, to the Spin Cycle Mobile Washer that is bicycle powered, Terzian’s designs are Do It Yourself (DIY) based projects that employ recycled trash for their construction.  Sometimes progress does not require high-tech gadgets to achieve time saving and life changing results.


These new laundry tools save people’s hands from touching caustic soaps.

The Spin Cycle Mobile Washer with built-in water filtration system even protects the environment as it removes phosphates and other toxins from the wash water thereby protecting watering holes and the surface water from contamination.

The revolutionary bio-sand steel wool and steel mesh screen filter aids in the absorption of the toxic chemicals allowing clean water suited for crop irrigation to be released.

By removing toxic chemicals, the Spin Cycle reduces toxic contamination of ground surface water improving the environment for the entire ecosystem.  Furthermore, this human powdered machine saves the user time and energy as it can be used while biking or walking to market or to the fields.

This simple, yet elegant machine, has the power to alter people’s health and lives.  To learn more about the Spin Cycle or how they work email Talar Terzian at: spincyclemobilewasher@gmail.com




Written by Lwazi

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