Teens Club: Egypt’s First Space for Teenage Mentoring, Development, and Expression


Teens Club, a social enterprise founded by Aly Abd ElAzem and Saif Tarek in Cairo, Egypt, is a popular place among Egypt’s youth.  Established in 2013 when Aly and Saif were only 16 years old, Teens Club is the first entity to exclusively direct its attention on Egyptian teenagers, as it provides early guidance and career advice, while offering opportunities for personal expression and growth. Inspired by the recent spirit of Revolution, Aly and Saif let their passion for change help them to create this wonderful, life changing safe-haven for teens in Cairo.

One unique feature of Teens Club is that it run by teenagers and not adults.  This creates an instant atmosphere of comfort and trust.  A non-judgmental zone, have you. It has established itself as an official safe haven for young women, as it offers them protection from sexual harassment which Egypt ranks at number 2.  It is a place for young women to be themselves and not face crude jokes or judgement for their ideas, dress or attitudes.  Teens Club has partnered with Harass Map and the Safe Areas Program to help make their offices a zero-tolerance zone for sexual harassment.

The club also offers a space for thousands of young people to gain valuable advice from mentors, as well as educational coaching.  It is a free space where teenagers can develop their unique talents and even engage in discussions with experts in a wide variety of fields at some of their events.  Teen space also provides the space for young people to congregate to solve both community and global problems without the negativity or watchful eye of the all-knowing adults.  According to Saif, one Teens Club’s most successful events was one that hosted near 650 teens who were interested in travelling.  And the best moment in Teens Club history was when they learned they were finalists for the Anizsha Prize which selects the top 12 Young Social Enterprises in all of Africa.

Teens Club has garnered much support from local and international partners such as: British Council, Young Arab Voices Program, UN Women, Anna Lindh Foundation, 57357 Cancer Hospital for Children, Anzisha Prize, African Leadership Academy, Have A Dream, Etijah, AIESEC, HarassMap, and Aspire Women

Teens Club is excited to announce the opening of their new offices on February 19, 2017 located at:  10 Amin El-Rafei Street – Mesaha Square – Dokki, Giza, Egypt

For more information about Teens Club Events visit their website: http://www.teensclubeg.com/

By Talar Terzian



Written by Lwazi

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